12V Heated Car Seat

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Product Features:

Color: Gray,Black Optional

Size: 96 * 48cm

Input Current: 12 V DC

Maximum power consumption: 45W + 3W

Low power consumption: 36W + 3W

Fuse: 10A

Power line: 133CM

Surface Material: Polyester

Seat selection: Single-seat version, the two-seater version



1. high-quality breathable fabrics, superior workmanship

2. three thick sponge softer

3. The high-resistance wire heating

4. Intelligent power thermal protection

5. New heating design, quality cigarette lighter plug

Instructions for using the car heating cushion:

1. After receiving the goods, first install the heating cushion on the seat! The backrest elastic band is tied! Hooks and so on are fixed and do not have obvious shifting! (If it is not fixed, it is easy to wear the heating wire inside the seat cushion if it is to be displaced, so it is not hot!)

The heating cushion should be placed on top! It is placed above all the seat covers! It is directly in contact with the human body!

2. Before using the heating cushion, first look at the iron on both sides of the cigarette lighter plug is curved! If it is not or is obviously flattened, then you must first bend the iron piece to bend it before you can continue to insert it into the cigarette lighter mouth! Remember! (Because if the iron piece is not inserted after the flat pressure is inserted into the cigarette lighter mouth, the cigarette lighter plug will not be in good contact, resulting in heat, causing the plug to melt! The seat cushion cannot be used!!)

3. Check that after inserting the plug into the cigarette lighter mouth, the person must sit on the heating pad, and then switch the switch to the high-grade HI file. After 2-3 minutes to heat up the temperature, the switch can be adjusted to the low-end LO. files! If you have been playing high-end, it will automatically power off when it reaches a certain temperature of 60 degrees! Below 30 degrees, it will be reopened! This is the temperature control inside! Heat to keep warm and promote blood circulation!

4. Do not use the heating pad for more than 30 minutes before starting the car! If you do not use the heating pad when you get off, turn off the switch and pull out the cigarette lighter plug!



5 Reasons To Buy From Us
5 Reasons To Buy From Us

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